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How FibroSupport - Wales Started ………..

The idea behind FibroSupport - Wales started when i was being investigated for a number of different illnesses including MS in 2016. 


When FibroSupport - Wales  was originally set up we were known as  'FibroSupport- Wales (UK)', but this soon changed to allow us to register with other organisations and charities.  The group was initially set up to see if there were others in the area who were living with Fibromyalgia and to give those sufferers a group  which would enable members to connect with each other easily.


I found that there was very little support out there in the community or online for a condition that until I worked in hospitals as a HCSW (Health Care Support Worker) I had never heard of let alone understood.


 As social media grew I believed that this would be the perfect platform to meet and ask questions to other members who are living with the same condition. The group have grown faster than expected and I now have a a team of trustees who take care of the daily running of social media as well as the running of the charity which became official on the 11th February 2021 (Charity No:1193505).


Today the group stands at over 2.8k members and we have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube along with our brand new website.  Our Facebook group is very active from members asking questions, to daily humour and the support and advice from other members is phenomenal. 


by Steffan McMahon

(Chair Person)

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