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Fibromyalgia & Work

Work can be challenging for some people with fibromyalgia. If you need help at work to deal with the pain, have a chat with your employer to discuss what your options are.

You may be able to keep working if you make some adaptations to your workplace. An occupational health adviser can help you with this.

If your symptoms are really bad, you may feel that you have to stop working. But it’s important not to rush into this decision. Work can be a good thing for many reasons – keeping up your physical abilities, self-esteem, confidence and social relationships.

It may increase your awareness of the pain and tiredness if you have fewer things to focus on. It’s a good idea to take a short period of sick leave first to see how you get on before you make your decision.

Your GP or specialist doctor can help you make this decision. Support groups are a wealth of information too.

If you do give up work, it’s a good idea to build other things into your life such as taking up a new hobby. These could be a distraction from the pain of your condition, and will keep you active and may even expand your social life. After all, your quality of life is key.

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